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Starting an Internet Marketing Business – Don’t Rush

If you were baking a cake and the recipe said “bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour”, what do you think the cake would be like if you decided 30 minutes was long enough? A mess? Nothing like what you would expect the cake to look like? Gooey? Flat?

Well the same principle should be applied to starting a new business. It’s going to take some time, even if you have a program that does all the setting up for you. Even if you use paid advertising. Even if you have foolishly speculated with your rent money or otherwise over-extended yourself financially.

This is one element that causes people to rush. It is understandable that if you are paying membership fees and have other monthly maintenance costs that you want to see a return on your investment. However, no matter what, it is going to take as much time as it takes. Nobody can say when it will start to produce results. Of course that is largely dependent on how much time and effort you are willing to invest with or without spending money as well.

There are other factors that nobody can control such as the economy which influence consumer confidence. The employment picture is also relevant and this one can go either way – if people fear losing their job or have already lost one, some will hang on to every last dime, others will start to build something on their own.

Another thing that is very relevant is who is to say what people will do when they see your ads or emails? More than likely they will do nothing. So you need more time to reach those that are interested and will take action when they see your opportunity. There are any number of existing online businesses looking to expand their earnings potential with new programs. There are always many new start-ups and people exploring the possibilities to make money online.

The point however is that a small percentage of the world population is really serious about starting a business on the Internet. It is a bit like finding the ‘needle in the haystack’ and for this reason you shouldn’t be discouraged if you generate 1000s of emails and leads and other ads with no response. Does this mean stop? NO. It means keep going.

Besides not rushing, the other bad idea for a business start-up is to sit back and wait. That is put out a bunch of ads and then kick back and wait for the money to roll in. At the ‘end of the day’ when you don’t see any money you have now created somewhat of a vacuum in your efforts. You need to keep going at full-speed at all times. This is how you build and sustain momentum over time. Do not become complacent or ever feel you have done enough to promote your business.

So if you are really serious about having a real business, then get ready to spend your time wisely and to understand that there is no magic about anything. It’s reality that we live and function in and time is always a big factor in that. If you want something instant that does not require work, then buy a lottery ticket. Of course the percentages are really steep on how many people will actually win out of the millions that will throw their money at that strategy.

As hard as it may sound you have to be very realistic about everything. You may consider the Internet some kind of a wild west playground of sorts and it can be. However you need to be able to differentiate between your recreation and business. Treat your home business like you would a job (one you want to keep over the long-term and excel in).

Starting a New Business: Is it True that You Can’t Fail Unless You Quit?

If you think about this saying ‘you can’t fail unless you quit’, you will see that it is very true. A person who quits has obviously given up trying to reach their goal. They will make no more effort on their own behalf and are thereby accepting defeat. When they really quit they will feel temporarily relieved because they don’t need to worry about it anymore. This may be a good step to seeing their way clear to start over.

A person who won’t quit, no matter what, will keep trying to succeed. They will either learn new strategies to promote their business, or may consult with others for advice and direction. Some will need to completely ‘regroup’ before they start over. Many people may take a break to get their bearings and make a decision as to whether they will continue to try or will actually quit. Sometimes that is all that is necessary to turn it around, for example if someone has possibly gotten too stressed out in the actual process of trying to start a new business.

They more than likely have other situations in their life that were stressful to start out with and that may seem or have actually been exacerbated by the time, effort and expense that they have been putting into the new activities involved in starting a business. Maybe something has to go and it can’t be the day job or the kids or the spouse, and there is no other way to release the pressure they feel than to just stop trying to do anything extra like starting a business. This is unfortunate, but is quite understandable.

Hopefully taking a breather and maybe doing some additional planning will create the atmosphere necessary to squeeze something else in and they will be able to continue on to reach their goal of starting a business from home. This would be the case if the person really had what it takes to go that extra mile to hit their target. Purely by organizing their time a little better may do the trick so that they can somehow come up with a good block of time weekly if not daily to devote to their business. Again, it really may be the case that they will need to completely shut down in order to see things clearly enough to realize that they can make time to do what they know they want and need to do.

In a case like this it always helps to make a list of pros and cons, and brainstorm difficulties or obstacles, giving possible solutions to each situation. This is a good way to find out if it is possible for you to realize what your priorities really are. You will find, if starting a business is really what you want to do, that there are plenty of things you can do without or work around in order to make it happen. If not, then maybe just let it ‘simmer’ for a while on the back burner and it will come to you how there is usually a way you can find that will allow you not to give up on your dreams.

Navigating the Internet – Web 2.0 Style

Back in the day when the newly emerging Internet marketing environment was rumored, there were many theories on what all would be involved. We heard about ‘social networking’ rather than forums and ‘interactive’ sites rather than just blogs. Sounded like more chat clients with live responses for consumers and more online advertising mediums with ‘feeds’, ‘hubs’ and ‘lenses’ rather than just article marketing directories.

Sure PCs were getting bigger and faster all along so there didn’t seem to be any difference one could attribute to ‘Web 2.0′, although there were stories about ‘web PCs’ – and then we got the ‘clouds’ which fit together nicely with PCs that don’t do anything but connect to the Internet and hence do not need storage capacity.

At the same time, increasingly everybody walking down the street was talking on the phone; people shouldn’t but did start texting while driving. (and they had thought applying mascara while driving was dangerous) – look out for both the phone talkers and the texters when you are driving. Give them another minute to react since they are busy and often appear to be elsewhere.

Lots of new ‘toys’ like ipods, ipads, tablets, etc. At first it seemed like people would use them for personal business like banking, shopping and playing games. However, it never occurred to many of us that it was all related to that new world Internet marketers were calling ‘Web 2.0’and way before we found out that as far as the Internet and the future, that it would obviously lie in those little electronic gadgets, which would be the computers of choice today.

Ironic we started learning there would be an HTML version 5 emerging, and knew there were going to be big changes coming down that road too. HTML and PHP are the languages that most websites are built with and not sure if ironic or not but HTML 5 appears that it will lend itself well to the new ‘mobile’ formats used on the new e-gadgets. Obviously scaling everything down from the giant screens to the really personal size screens on phones, ipads and tablets.

So this Web 2.0 phenomenon was far greater and far reaching than most people imagined. So much so that PC sales have taken a nose dive and already in just a short time, the gadgets are in the majority as far as the method that people use to surf the net! There is much work to be done for most Internet marketing businesses and they will be forced to make their sites more friendly to this new mass of traffic if they want to stay in business. Who would ever dream only your Grandma would use the ‘old fashioned’ computer PC before the end of the first few decades of the new millennium Y2K?

It’s a bit shocking – we all knew technology was moving us fast into the future, but it appears to have picked up momentum quite a bit and has gone into overdrive. Internet marketers need to get in gear and figure out the best way to get mobilized – literally!

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