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How to Generate Low Cost Traffic

The main thing any website needs is a steady flow of traffic. You can have the most gorgeous, interesting and compelling website, but if no one visits your site, it doesn’t have much of a chance of generating an income. If you have unlimited time then you can probably get traffic free, but even with a small amount of money you may be able to ramp up your efforts. Remember ‘time is money’.

drive traffic to the money

Don’t get discouraged because you don’t believe you have even a red cent to spend. It doesn’t necessarily have to take a lot of cash to generate website traffic for your business. If you are honest you will be able to ‘dig up’ some cash just by making a few sacrifices or cutting back on some things that are not necessities in your life. In the meantime you can get creative and find ways to get traffic free.

There are many ways to generate good traffic without spending money you don’t have or can’t afford. Even if you only get a small percentage of successful visitors who convert to a sale, it still works, if you can get a high number of visitors. When you are not spending an arm and leg to get them there, then it is much easier to profit from the transaction.

There are some ways that you can work everything to your advantage if you are creative and willing to work, in lieu of a huge operating budget. One way is to exchange links, if this is done in a responsible way. (No gimmicks and lots of caution). There are many webmasters that may be willing to exchange links with one another. The point is the more places someone might find your link and click it to visit your site, the better for your exposure.

It is somewhat important in exchanging links with other sites that they have the same or similar niche or market. Yes we are talking collaboration with your competition! The sooner you get past the ‘I win/you lose’ concept, the better for you. When you realize you can both win and benefit from each other, the sooner you understand ‘win/win’.

Exchanging links in a natural, organic way* (NO gimmicks) can also boost your search engine ranking. It is somewhat like the ‘you have to have money to make money’ theme – ‘you have to have traffic to get traffic’. The search engines will definitely note traffic being generated by inbound and outbound theme-related links so this is definitely an advantage.

Again the caution about ‘gimmicks’ – it is not natural to suddenly have a site that pops up with 200 new links in one day such as might be the case if you try to ‘submit’ your links to a service that will ‘display your link 10000000000 times’ – Run Away! Search engines really frown on sites that appear to be something they are not. Keep it real. Actually communicate with other online business owners to make arrangements to exchange links or don’t do it.

Be particular who you are linking with. The other important caution is to be sure that businesses that invite you to exchange links are what they say they are. It could have the opposite effect to be linked to a site that has porn, scams or that are known spammers. Pay attention.

Another related way is to work a deal with another business owner to ‘share their list’ (in a sense). Offer to promote their opportunity to your list in exchange for them promoting yours to theirs. Again you can actually benefit from your competition! Not only do you get the chance to show your stuff, but it is more or less being recommended by someone they already know and trust.

How to Build a Valuable List of Subscribers

When you are focused on building relationships rather than just selling, you may find that your subscribers and subsequent customers not only buy from you but they come back for more! They are loyal because it is natural if you have really impressed and helped them. This is the beginning of building a business that provides excellent service and keeps people satisfied.

make leads into customers

Creating this dynamic not only has obvious benefits in keeping your customers satisfied and loyal, but it also goes a long way in motivating them to recommend your service or products to other people. This is the ‘wheel’ that keeps going around. With e-mail marketing you can remind them and reinforce with them the fact that they would be wise to consider your business both in their own operations as well as to be confident in recommending you.

Although your emails may seem like the ‘first impression’, you don’t get the opportunity unless you are first driving traffic to the site where they can opt-in to receive the emails. So first you need to get traffic and then to have a welcoming website that is easy to navigate so that they will ‘stick’. They will read what information is available there and they will add their name and email address to opt-in so they can learn more!

The type of traffic you are generating is important. Just random traffic has a very low conversion rate either for subscribers or direct sales. However, if you can get ‘targeted’ traffic by using relevant keywords in your content, you are more likely to get a response. You should employ different strategies to get traffic, and it is a good idea to have a ‘splash’ page that not only invites them to opt-in to your newsletter (be on your list), but then the best strategy with that process is to have the form redirect them to your site after they sign up.

So with this you have a ‘one-two’ punch. You capture the lead for your list and they become prospects, or warm leads, AND you have an opportunity to show them a little more about what your business is about. Even though you hear ‘the money is in the list’ over and over and it is very true, the list has to actually buy something for there to be money involved. That is the object – making a sale. It can be a direct sale or one that comes from building trust over time with your email marketing and promotions.

For example if a website visitor want to download a free e-book, report or video then all they need to do is provide their email address. They get something they want and you get their email address added to your list for future reference!

Besides the regular day-to-day messages you might send to your list, it is very effective to also include periodic ‘broadcasts’ to announce ‘specials’ — for example something that has a time-limit where the cost is less or they get more for the regular cost. Giving something away is also very effective.

How Much Will it Cost You if You Refuse to Spend Any Money?

It is a known fact that people like to get something for nothing. They love the words ‘Free’, “Special Offer’, ‘Sale’ or anything that will give them a break. After all with costs constantly rising for everything including basic necessities, and the fact that money doesn’t seem to grow at the same rate, we need a break.


However, there is an unfortunate phenomenon that is apparent when it comes to business. Particularly for ‘freebie seekers’ they will gladly put their hand out and get whatever they can for nothing. However these are the very same people who absolutely resent even a mention of a small investment of money (or sometimes even time) to develop their business. They so just don’t get it.

It seems logical that if someone is being given a ‘leg up’ by receiving free resources to help them start out, that they would feel that they should build on that and invest even a small amount if that is all they have. What is often apparent though is that they will shoot themselves in the foot by absolutely refusing to contribute to their own business development. Their mantra is ‘you said it was free’.

Sure, if you don’t have it you don’t have it. It is absolutely true that while you may not have cash saved up to use for your business, if you really want to make your business work, you will find money that you already have that you could put to better use than you are. It is all a matter of priorities.

There are so many things we could do without to generate some extra money if we are serious about our business. There are also ways you can make a little money to save for expenses. Most people wouldn’t go so far as to go through garbage dumpsters to collect plastic and cans to make a few dollars, but there are those that will. They are not always homeless or poverty stricken people, but some that are just enterprising and they really value a dollar. They feel they are also doing good for the environment. Two great motivations.

You probably don’t need to go that far – just realize that those pennies add up to dollars. If you are not too proud to use coupons or buy ‘off’ brands that are cheaper you can start saving money right there and put it aside for a business fund. If you sit down and ask yourself if a movie is more important to you than the future of your business, sometimes the business will win. If not then it is possible you really don’t want or deserve to have your own business.

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